What is Melasoft SAP E-Accounting Slip?

According to Paragraph 4.4.1 / (a) of the Electronic Ledger General Communiqué, “E-ledger files and their license files must be kept in relation to one another in electronic media, and accounting records must be kept on paper and/or electronic media for submission upon request.”

Taxpayers using the e-ledger application are required to keep their accounting slips in paper and/or electronic form. Taxpayers who are involved in the SAP e-ledger application are obliged to keep the accounting records in a paper and/or electronic in addition to the e-ledger and certificate files that they create and manage electronically. With Melasoft SAP E-Accounting Slip you can electronically save and store your accounting slips quickly and easily.

You can submit your accounting slips individually or together on a daily basis and electronically save them with a signed financial seal and a time stamp.

With Melasoft’s SAP e-accounting slip solution, you can save your vouchers in the file format required by the Ministry of Finance (XML, PDF in XML, PDF, TXT, CSV, JSON, etc.) with NES (qualified electronic certificate) or time-stamped financial seals.

Melasoft SAP e-accounting slip saves printer, toner, and paper costs. Accounting slips are stored electronically and can be used and viewed immediately.