eInvoicing in Romania

Romania transposed EU Directive 2014/55 into its own legislation on 8 September 2020 through Law No. 199/2020. eInvoice has been brought under a provision in Romania with the implementation rules approved by the Fiscal Law and Law No. 227/2015 in effect as of January 1, 2016. However, additional legislation may apply if eSignature or eArchiving is used in the electronic invoicing process. In Romania, with the Electronic Signature Law No. 455/2001 and Law No. 135/2007 on the Electronic Archiving of Documents, work on the transfer of the eInvoice Directive began in January 2019. As a result, the said laws entered into force on 8 September and were published on 9 September.

     Romania eInvoicing Process

B2B taxpayers supplying products with high financial risk will be obliged to issue eInvoices through the national eInvoice system (RO e-factura) as of July 1, 2022.

These products were determined by ANAF in their published draft list. High financial risk products include:

– Vegetables, fruits, roots, edible tubers, other edible plants

– Alcoholic beverages

– Mineral products

– New construction

– Clothing and footwear

Romania Einvoice

ANAF stated that this list will be updated, and it seems highly probable that it will be extended to other products in time.

The use of the Ro eFactura system to issue eInvoices in Romania is optional by the government. The basic requirement for issuing eInvoices through RO eFactura is that the supplier and the buyer are registered in the “RO eFactura registry”.

Important Dates

– From April 1 to June 30, issuance of e-invoices will be optional for these taxpayers, although the recipient is not registered in the RO eInvoice registry.

– As of July 1, 2022, these taxpayers will be required to issue an e-invoice over the RO system.


Melasoft e-Factura Solution for Romania

With the Melasoft eInvoice in Romania solution, end users can easily create eInvoices. Thanks to the user-friendly Melasoft eInvoice cockpit, end users can easily manage their invoices. Accept, reject, review, sign and view invoices are easily achieved with the Melasoft cockpit. PDF/XML invoices created in the Melasoft cockpit are validated in PDF/XML via the DUK integrator in the Romania eInvoice system. The DUK integrator is also used to sign the SAF-T report before sending it. Melasoft eInvoice in Romania Solution performs all the above operations following the DUK integrator.

Melasoft e-Factura Solution for Romania provides you;

Preparation and analysis for reviewing accounting processes and integration with Romanian e-Invoice System,

  • Identifying areas requiring change: SAP systems, mandatory data entry (quality and completeness), policies and procedures for those responsible,
  • Internal controls,
  • Integration of Romanian electronic invoicing standard and SAP system,
  • End user trainings,
  • Electronic invoicing for XML, CII and UBL standards.