All taxpayers in Kazakhstan are required to issue invoices in an electronic format through the government website IS ESF from January 2017 for certain goods and services as defined in Kazakh law.

IS ESF is the official system of the State Finance Committee of Kazakhstan that issues, processes and stores invoices in an electronic format. This system is used to transfer invoicing information between clients, suppliers and authorities.

  • IS ESF is a public information system that enables invoices to be issued, sent, received, stored and processed in an electronic format. E-invoices are approved with an electronic signature.

Melasoft SAP e-invoice solution transmits your invoices using the sales invoice information entered into the financial system on the IS ESF website, the company’s authorization / authentication key and the electronic signature received from the National Certification Center (NZz).

As Melasoft in the e-invoice application;

  • Preparation and analysis for review of accounting processes and integration into IS ESF
  • Identify areas that need to be changed: SAP systems, mandatory data entry (quality and completeness), provision of guidelines and procedures for those responsible
  • Internal controls
  • Integration of SAP systems into the e-invoice system
  • User training