What is an RTIR E-Invoice?

The Real Time Invoice Report (RTIR) approved by the Hungarian Ministry of National Economy on January 17, 2018 became available on July 1, 2018. Invoices from taxpayers with a VAT amount of at least 100,000 HUF (approx. EUR 300) fall within the scope of the application.

Since 2018, companies that have created their B2B invoices using the Hungarian RTIR (Real-Time Invoice Reporting) system will have to save their B2C invoices on the RTIR portal from 2021.

Invoices with a sales tax amount of HUF 100,000 and more must be submitted electronically to the HU-TA (Hungarian Tax Authority) system within 24 hours, which is requested by the Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority.

The Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority (NTCA) has issued comprehensive regulations for B2C invoices. Customers can also download their sent sales invoices from the online invoicing system. If the requirements of the regulation are not met, a fine of up to HUF 500,000 per invoice can be imposed.


With the integration of Melasoft SAP / ERP, invoices are transferred to the HU TA system using the web service with the XML structure in accordance with the statutory provisions. The HU TA system makes notifications in XML format for every invoice sent.

Melasoft RTIR e-invoice solution

The invoices delivered with the integration of the IOP via the private integrator go through the corresponding approval mechanism and are displayed in the Melasoft SAP e-invoice cockpit, and the approved invoices are registered in the system.

Advantages of Using the Melasoft RTIR-E-Invoice;

  • Preparation and analysis for checking accounting processes and for integration into the e-billing system
  • Identifying areas that need to be changed: SAP systems, mandatory data entry (quality and completeness), ensuring policies and procedures for those responsible

  • Internal controls

  • Integration of SAP systems into the e-invoice system

  • User training