E-Invoice with PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) protocol that was developed on behalf of the European Commission to simplify the award of public contracts across Europe and make it more transparent. Since 2012 it has offered a standard for the transmission of electronic orders and invoices. It ensures that international companies standardize and electronically handle their communication processes throughout their procurement processes, regardless of whether they are public or private companies. Data can be changed by accessing the OpenPEPPOL network via an access point.

Advantages of e-Invoice

  • PEPPOL network works like a communication network with information flow. Companies can send messages with security priority, so-called UBL invoices, via the PEPPOL network.

  • Companies can be identified automatically with the PEPPOL ID. The PEPPOL ID, like a phone number, Chamber of Commerce number, tax identification number and VAT identification number is treated is a single number, which consists of its components.

  • PEPPOL covers the electronic procurement process as well as electronic invoicing. You can quickly and securely connect to all PEPPOL members in the network and exchange data with a public institution and / or a private company. PEPPOL simplifies business processes and saves costs.

How can you join the PEPPOL network?

In order for your electronic invoices to be sent over the PEPPOL Network, you must be connected to a PEPPOL Access Point. Access Point is a certified PEPPOL partner who is authorized to connect you to the PEPPOL Network. After you have connected to the network, you can reach all PEPPOL users. There are currently more than 200 access points.

Melasoft is also a certified PEPPOL Access Point. If you want to connect to the network, please contact us. You will then receive a PEPPOL-ID from us, which you can use to send an e-invoice.