What is an e-invoice?


What is an Electronic Invoice? While renewed technology and many applications in the developing world enter into our lives, it provides a more [...]

What is an e-invoice?2022-07-07T11:06:33+03:00

eInvoicing Process in New Zealand


eInvoice is a digital invoice exchange between the financial systems of sellers and buyers. Thanks to eInvoice, businesses in New Zealand are expected to [...]

eInvoicing Process in New Zealand2022-05-11T19:02:19+03:00

eInvoicing Process in the Netherlands


According to the law dated 20.12.2017 amending the Public Procurement Law of 2012 to include EU Directive 2014/55, B2G eInvoicing has become mandatory for [...]

eInvoicing Process in the Netherlands2022-05-11T19:04:01+03:00

What is PEPPOL?


PEPPOL means Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. It is a set of structures and features that enable cross-border e-Procurement. Aim is to use standards to [...]

What is PEPPOL?2022-05-11T19:05:50+03:00
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