Melasoft is always with you with its e-transformation solutions and its innovative and analytical perspective in the field of smart documents. With our e-transformation applications, we offer different solutions for each country in which we reflect our experience and our innovative perspective. Melasoft e-transformation solutions contribute to environmental sustainability by saving costs and time. With Melasoft E-Smart Documents, you don’t worry about the risk of your documents getting lost and/or not found, and you meet your legal obligations.

Europe - Melasoft


Thanks to the PEPPOL access point certificate from Melasoft, you can quickly send e-invoices with a PEPPOL ID when you connect to the network.

Turkey - Melasoft


Melasoft is always next to Turkish taxpayers with smart document solutions and global service applications.

Germany - Einvoice


With Melasoft’s SAP solution you can generate an XRechnung XML file and send this file to public contractors in Germany via PEPPOL.

France - Einvoice


We support our clients with the Melasoft SAP e-invoice solution, with which they can manage einvoice processes within SAP, which is fully integrated into the French Tax Authority (DGFiP).

Hungary - Einvoice


Integration of Melasoft SAP / ERP, invoices are transferred to the HU TA system using web service with the XML structure in accordance with the legal provisions.

Portugal - Einvoice


Melasoft SAP e-invoice solution for Portugal allows you to easily adapt to e-invoice processes in Portugal and meet all your legal obligations.

Serbia - Einvoice


Melasoft e-Faktura Solution for Serbia, you can prepare invoice documents following the infrastructure requirements of the SUF system and Serbian legislation.

Romania - Einvoice


With Melasoft eFactura Solution, end users can easily create e-invoices in compliance with Romania e-invoice standards and SAP.

Poland Einvoice


The product we have developed as Melasoft processes PEPPOL and other formats and connects the invoice data in the relevant country to SAP and ERP systems in an integrated way, easily and reliably.

Kazakhstan - Einvoice


Melasoft finds solutions to the changing needs of taxpayers with many Smart Document solutions developed for Kazakhstan that require electronic invoices.

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